Entry Level Java Developer

This course is designed to prepare you for jobs as Entry Level Java Developer anywhere in Africa and the world over. The training is 90% hands-on coding. There is one assignment per day and must be submitted latest by 12:00 midnight before the next lecture day. All assignments are submitted via Gitub.

Every student will choose a project from the list below (or any other project he/she chooses) from the first day of their training to be submitted before the last day. All projects are to be beautifully designed and built from every technology taught in class and through their daily assignments.

Final Projects

Hospital Management System

School Management System

Warehouse Management System

Hotel Management System

Course Prerequisites

This course assumes you have little to no prior programming knowledge but all students must posses the following:

  • Basic understanding of how to operate a computer
  • A perfectly working laptop with at least windows 7, 4G RAM and 100G HD
  • Eagerness to learn and put him or herself through abstract concepts

Who should take this course

  • Undergraduates of Science and Engineering Courses
  • Fresh Graduates of any discipline waiting for NYSC
  • NYSC members of any discipline with flair for Information Technology
  • Professionals who want to have a new career in Software development
  • Secondary school students or anybody who hopes to build the next facebook

Few of the course topics

  • Introduction to Computer systems and Java Applications
  • Concept of Object-Oriented Programming OOP
  • Exceptions and Exception Handling
  • Files and Streams
  • Variables, Arrays and Collections
  • Graphic user interfaces (GUI) with classes java.awt and javax.swing packages.
  • Accessing databases from Java Applications
  • Introduction to web application with Servlet, JSP and JSF frameworks and ...more

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