About Tunde Michael

	"nomenclature": "Tunde Michael",
	"timezone": "Africa/Lagos West Africa Time (UTC+1)",
	"languages": ["Java", "PHP", "Javascript", "HTML5/CSS3"],
	"frameworks": [{
		"JS": "AngularJS/VideoJS"
	}, {
		"Java": "JSF/Primefaces/Spring"
	}, {
		"PHP": "Laravel"
	}, {
		"CSS": "bootstrap"
	}, {
		"others": ["nodejs", "expressjs", "mongodb", "ffmpeg"]
	"industries": ["fintech", "telcos", "eCommerce", "training"],
	"wanna_know_more?": "ask"

I code and teach for a living, blog for fun on #java #php #web #javascript. Get in touch through info[at]tundemichael[dot]com or let's get social:

About this blog?

Custom built (pardon me i just hate wordpress) with 'Vanilla' PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap, PrismJs, tinymce, jqBootstrapValidation, momentJS, font-awesome, LESS and a bunch of others on NetBeans 8.1

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